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Miyakojima 100km Waido Marathon
Participants enjoy running and challenge their own potential.
While running, participants can enjoy the abundant nature in Miyakojima
as well as deepen their mutual bonds. In addition, the event aims at the promotion of health and the regional vitalization
Romantic Road Irabujima Marathon
Participants enjoy running and an abundance of beautiful nature at the scenic
course in Irabujima.
The Opening of Beaches in Miyakojima
Beautiful Yonaha Maehama Beach offering the contrast of white sands and cobalt blue waters is regarded as one of the most beautiful beaches in East Asia.
As the Opening of Beaches is held on the first Sunday of April, it starts to pray the safety of the sea. There are also live musical performances, treasure hunting, the game of flying island sandals and the Quiz game about Miyakojima.
All Japan Triathlon Miyakojima
Many triathletes including Top-class professional triathletes have taken part in
this world class triathlon event both in and out of Japan. The rigorous race is
3km swim, 155km bike and 42.195km run.
People who line the streets in the whole island cheer the athlets on
with the extremely popular words "Waido" means "Go for it" in the Miyako dialect.
Ueno German Culture Village Carp Streamer Flying Fest
From late April to early May, Carp Streamer Flying FEST is held.
The carp streamers, which are designed by children who attend preschools
and kindergarten at Miyakojima city,fly in the sky.
Beach Volleyball in Miyakojima
The event is held for two days at Maehama Beach.
Representative Japanese players and famous players participate in
this event which is officially recognized by Japan Beach Volleyball Federation.
Maehama Beach with its beautiful fine sands is suitable for
Beach Volleyball. In addition, the evening scene, which is created by the contrast of the sea and the sky, can be enjoyable.
Haary ( Kaijin-sai )
The event is held to pray for a good haul and the safety of voyage to the God of the sea throughout a year and celebrated at ports in whole Okinawa.
There is also Dragon Boat Racing. Due to Sho(gong) which is used at the event, it is said that the rainy season is over in Okinawa.
Miyako Island Rock Festival 2016
The open –air music festival has been held at the special event space with full of tropical atmosphere since 2005. The artists and local young people agree about the purpose in which this festival brings real music to the children from the remote islands and give big dreams to the children through the music.
Miyakojima Summer Festival
There are a wide variety of exciting events such as night stalls, vehicle-free promenade, parades, great tug-of-war, and the Miss Miyako announcement.
Sanitsu Beach Carnival
Sanitsu Beach Carnival is held every year in the vast tidal flat of Yonaha Bay (It is commonly known as "Sanitsu Beach"), Miyakojima City. Each competition of the tournament has become very exciting and attractive both in and out of Miyakojima.
Orion Beer Fest
This very popular event has been organized by Orion Beer in Okinawa. The visitors can spend exciting night through the live musical performances.
Ueno German Culture Village Danke Fest
The Fest provides a variety of the attractions such as the sales of Miyako specialty
local products at the open markets, a bridal fair, food booths, live musical performances at the outside stage, shows by the entertainers, fireworks display, and more.
The visitors can enjoy and feel full of “Danke”, which means “Thank you”, atmosphere from morning to night.
Irabujima Toogani
Irabu Toogani is improvised a lyrical poetry, which is to express the affection of man and woman, was sung by a person called "Toogani" for the first time. The festival has been held in every year to preserve the traditional folk songs of this island and pass it on to the next generations.
Eco-Island Miyakojima Marathon
The marathon is held for the purpose of interchanging the friendship with the runners who are welcomed from the whole nation, the staff, and the volunteers.
Moreover, the participants enjoy the abundant nature in Eco Island, Miyakojima.
Kuichaa Festival
The festival is related to the Miyakojima's traditional culture that is called Kuichaa.
It has been held for the purpose of passing the traditional dance to the next generations. There are about 1,200 participants who kick up the ground while singing and dancing.
Kuichaa Festival
The endurance race is being held at Mehama Beach, which is being the starting point for the jet skiing competition. It is worth watching the spectacular race that can be seen the competitors splashing from white waves in the emerald green waters.
Ueno German Culture Village Illumination Fest
An annual event is held in Ueno Germany culture village at the end of the year. The whole village is decorated by beautiful illumination and created Christmas atmosphere.
Kuichaa Festival