Irabu Bridge
This bridge with a full length of 3,540m, connecting the mainland Miyakojima and Irabujima, holds the record as the longest toll-free bridge in Japan.
The bridge connects five islands, which previously could only be crossed by ferry.
You can overlook a superb panoramic view of Ikemajima and Kurimajima from the center of the bridge.
Ikema Bridge
This bridge with a full length of 1,425m connects the mainland Miyakojima and Ikemajima. The total construction cost was 10 billion yen and the bridge was opened in February, 1992. The very beautiful sea can be seen from the top of the bridge and particularly the color of the sea where you cannot find the words to describe.
Kurima Bridge
This bridge with a full length of 1,690m, connecting the mainland Miyakojima and Kurimajima, is the longest agricultural bridge in Japan. The bridge was opened in March, 1995.
You can enjoy beautiful Maehama Beach from the bridge where it is the best spot to go for a drive.
Shimajiri Mangroves
The mangrove forests of Shimajiri are the largest gregariousness of Miyako Islands developing in depth approximately 1km of the cove. Shimajiri Bridge and a promenade were completed in September, 2002. The locals and the tourists feel free to observe the mangroves.
Upu-ka Mangrove Promenade
The promenade in the Upuka spring is at the Shimojicho Kawamitsu fishing port.
(Upuka means "large river" in the Miyako dialect. Although there are no rivers in Miyakojima, the area of Upuka spring is regarded as a large river).
There are the wooden promenade with a length of 390m, an observation deck, stone steps sidewalk, and the information signs to introduce plants as well as creatures.
You can also feel free to observe the mangrove forests called "the forest of the sea".
Ryugujo Obeservatory
A three-story Ryugujo observatory is on the hill at Kurimajima. It was designed to resemble The Dragon’s Palace.(According to Japanese folk tale, The Dragon’s Palace was regarded as The Sea God‘s Palace at the bottom of the sea. )
It has stunning scenery such as Maehama Beach in front, Irabujima and Kurima Bridge to the left and right.
You can enjoy the sea spread out below, the very beautiful gradation in which the sand and coral roots weave, never be tired of the spectacular view even looking forever.
Cape Nishi Hennazaki
Cape Nishi Hennazaki is located on the northwestern most tip of Miyakojima. Compared with the rugged and untamed geographical features of Cape Higashi Hennazaki in the East, the atmosphere of Cape Nishi Hennazaki is known to be much more calm and serene; Irabujima to the left, Ikemajima, and Ikema Bridge to the right with a stunning panoramic view.
In addition, there are also a collection of wind turbines that generate electricity
for the island stand in array on the point, as a part of the Enetopia concept.
This sight has become the symbol of Cape Nishi Hennazakia.
Higa Road Park
From the resting area of the highest point in a circumference road, it can be seen the magnificent views of the East China Sea. In addition, you can overlook Ogamijima, which is called the island of God, on the further left.
Cape Higashi Hennazaki
Cape Higashi Hennazaki is located on the easternmost tip of Miyakojima and it juts out approximately 2 km (1 mile) long into the ocean.
You can enjoy a magnificent panoramic view of the ocean with the East China Sea
and the Pacific Ocean. This beautiful cape has been selected to be one of Japan's Top 100 City Parks. Rough waves surging against the cliff is very powerful, which can be seen as the spectacular landscape.
In addition, various flowers including Tenno-ume and Easter lily, which are the natural monument of the prefecture, bloom around a maintained promenade in every season.
Makiyama Observatory
A white observatory reflecting the image of the migratory birds, Grey-faced Buzzard, it is located in the southeast of Irabujim. Due to the highest point in the island, you can look at the magnificent scenery including Ikemajima, Kurimajima, and mainland Miyakojima.

Funausagi Banata Observatory
It is known as the place that the wood such as pines were dropped into the sea from this cliff and laden to ships. " Funausagi Banata" means"a cliff for seeing off a ship"in the Miyako dialect. In the old days, it is the place to pray the safety for the ones who depart the island. Currently, there is the big observatory that is modeled the Grey-faced Buzzard.
Shiratorizaki Head
There is a promenade along the sea and the landscape including a perpendicular cliff to the East and the beautiful coastline can be seen. The sea around Shiratorizaki Head has famous diving spots, where many divers can enjoy visiting the complex topography such as underwater arches and caves in the diving season.
Toori-ike Pond
The mysterious pond, which has the mermaid legend, has been designated as a Natural Monument of Okinawa Prefecture. The pond consists of big and small ponds. The diameter of the ponds is 75m and 55m each. The depth of the ones is 45m and 25m each. The ponds are connected to the open sea and they become one underwater.
In addition, it is famous as a diving point and has become very attractive place for
the divers who would like to visit this unique topography in Miyakojima.