Maehama Beach
Maehama Beach, known for its pristine white sands, stretches 7 km long and is regarded as the beautiful beach that represents Miyakojima as well as one of the most beautiful beaches in East Asia.
Kurimajima is clearly visible from the beach adjacent to the hotel, which let you feel like in paradise.
Beach Safety Tips
When the wind blows from the south or the west, the waves rise and there are  
intense tidal currents depending on the time.   
There are also sudden drop-offs so please pay especially close attention to
young children.
Sunayama Beach
There are a cave made of the upheaval of a coral reef, the white sandy beach and blue sea. This popular beach is well known in the guidebooks.
As the name ‘Sand Mountain Beach’ implies, the spectacular view can be seen the breathtaking beach below a sand dune.
Beach Safety Tips
When the wind blows from the west, the waves rise. In addition, it can be dangerous that there are also sudden drop-offs in the offing so please be careful
not to be out to sea.
Painagama Beach
Painagama beach is located a short distance from the Miyakojima City center as well as an attractive and relaxing area for both locals and tourists alike. There are nets to protect swimmers from hub jellyfish in the summer so that young children can be allowed to swim safely.
Beach Safety Tips
Hub jellyfish is often found outside of the nets. In addition, please be careful not to go to the offing that is used as a sea route.
Sunset Beach
Sunset Beach is a part of Turiba district, where a seaside resort has been planned for the latest district development as well as a short distance from the center of Miyakojima City. It is a place where one can enjoy the view of the Irabu Bridge, which has just completed, and the breathtaking sunset.
Beach Tips
A wheelchair accessible toilet, shower rooms, and changing rooms are available.
Yoshino Coast
From the vicinity of the beach, colorful coral and tropical fish can be seen picturesque sight, which is a perfect spot for snorkeling. Due to coral reefs develop offshore, there are calm waves and suitable for the swimming area.
Beach Safety Tips
At low tide of snorkeling is difficult, because coral reefs grow up just below the surface of the water. In addition, there are also tidal currents so please be careful not to leave young children alone.
Aragusuku Seashore
It is a very popular beach where you might encounter stunning corals and colorful fish
Yoshino Coast alike.
Beach Safety Tips
Please consider the parking area, which is not spacious. In addition, the parts of the reefs of Aragusuku Seashore offing have breaks. Please be careful not to go to the offing, it is dangerous, especially on the open sea.
Boraga Beach
There are slides and the pool that are used by natural spring water.
Swimming and a variety of marine sports such as kayaking are also available.
You might enjoy these activities all day.
Beach Safety Tips
This beach is well-equipped and very safe which let you enjoy a wide variety of the activities. There are some areas which have intense tidal currents in the offing, so please be careful when you enjoy the activities especially on your own.
Ingya Marine Garden
This location is comprised of inlets and rock formations as well as built along the shore. Due to calm waves, it is very suitable for snorkeling. You can also enjoy the walking trails as well as the stunning view from the top of the resting areas.
Beach Safety Tips
There are tidal currents in the outside of the inlets due to the time, so please be careful not to go to the open sea.
Sawada Beach
This shallow has selected one of the top 100 most beautiful beaches in Japan. There are large rocks to the beach that you can enjoy a unique landscape. In addition, it is the famous place for the sunset. Please watch the breathtaking sunset, when you have the opportunity to stay at Irabujima.
Beach Safety Tips
Although the beach is the very shallow to a considerable distance from the shore, there are tidal currents depending on the time. Please be aware of the sea condition. The tides are higher than normal in a short time, when the tide begins to rise at the time of the spring tide.
Toguchi Beach
The beautiful fine and pristine white sandy beach, like a gentle bow-formed-shape, is located on the south side of Irabujima. You can expect to view the fascinating scenery of Miyakojima and Kurimajima in front.
Beach Safety Tips
When the wind blows from the south, the waves rise. In addition, please pay enough attention to the jellyfish that may flow through the wind on such a day.
Nakanoshima Beach
There are many coral reefs very close to the seashore where you can encounter a variety of corals and colorful fish. It is the very popular beach as snorkeling.
Beach Safety Tips
Due to the rocky areas, it is NOT suitable for swimmers and families with small children to enjoy the areas.